Monday, November 16, 2009

cold weather skin care tips

Here's some skin care transitioning tips for you, courtesy of Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman and Dove AP/Deodorant.


· Golden Rule. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean applying SPF should end too. My cardinal rule is that sun block should be applied every day, not just when you are headed to the beach. Keep SPF next to your toothpaste so you remember to apply after brushing or switch to a moisturizer that contains UVA or UVB protection. This level of protection is important because many all-day moisturizers advertise SPF protection, but one in five offers little protection from harmful UVA rays and break down well before the day's end, leaving your skin unprotected.

· Half Dry. When the air conditioner turns off and the radiators turn on your skin will notice. This will cause its water content to condense and then evaporate, ultimately drying skin out. To help combat dryness, try this trick once you get out of the shower – don’t completely dry off. Leave some water on your skin and then apply moisturizer. The moisturizer binds the water and allows more water to be absorbed, keeping skin moisturized. Also, try not to use hot water, instead wash with lukewarm water. Hot water draws water out of your skin that is in place to keep it moisturized.

· Lip Trifecta. Once the temperature drops, so can the moisturization in your lips. To help prevent dry and cracked lips, look for a lip balm that targets dryness in three ways with antioxidants, SPF, and moisturizers. All three ingredients will work to exfoliate and moisturize lips. I always recommend a product like NeoStrata Lip Conditioner SPF 15 which has alpha and beta hydroxyl moisturizers and vitamins to help take off the dead, dry skin that causes chapped lips.

· Food for thought. Fall foods like apples, pumpkins and squash all provide Vitamin C, which is highly beneficial for skin. It decreases the appearance of wrinkles, provides daily fiber which prevents skin inflammation, and is a potent antioxidant. Also, the skin of an apple contains powerful antioxidants – it alone provides two to six times the antioxidant activity than the apple flesh alone.

And finally...

· Strength and Beauty. Fall and winter wardrobes usually mean thicker fabrics and layers which can mean heavy sweating as temperatures change from outdoor to indoor. To help fight sweat, I suggest my patients apply a clinical strength deodorant like Dove Clinical Protection Visibly Smooth before bed. Research shows that your circadian rhythm is lower at night. As a result, the body’s sweating mechanism slows down allowing skin to be more receptive to absorbing Dove Clinical Protection and giving it time to build a strong level of 24-hour wetness and odor protection while keeping you stubble free for longer.


AED Defibrillator said...

In the cold weather we really need to prtect our skin . Here is the very useful tips for the skin care in the cold weather.

Synaura said...

Aside from Vitamin C, other vitamins that can help clear and smooth the skin are vitamin A, B complex, E and zinc. It will not only promote healthy skin but as well as boosting the immune system.

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