Sunday, November 15, 2009

found...the perfect black flat...bp. revel flat

It took me a while to find the perfect flat shoe.


Well, one of the reasons is my foot is a tad on the large side...that's mainly due to some seriously flat feet (don't get jealous now).

The other is that they're narrow as all get out (you're positively green with envy...right?).

So that basically means that my foot tends to look friggin GINORMOUS in anything I tend to try on.

These, though, are spot on.

I actually bought these in pewter...the one they had in black was a tad gluey in spots...and will be getting these in black asap.

They feel comfy on and fit like a dream, due to the elastic on the sides of the shoe...this causes the shoe to not sit flat, it does that funky curvy thingy when they're not on.

I should note that they tend to run about a 1/2 a size small, so try your true size and 1/2 size up just to be sure.

The flats work with my wardrobe staple (jeans) and would definitely hit the mark with dressy work pants as well.

Plus they're under $60 ($59.95 to be exact) so your wallet will thank you.

Find yours at


Soos said...

Lucky you! Cute shoe, but I'm 5'1" - also with flat feet but wide and flipperlike - and need at least an inch of heel.

mineral lipstick said...

Looks nice and elegant...can also wear it to a party gown.

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