Thursday, November 5, 2009

something to check beauty channel

Totally funny and refreshingly different, Studio Beauty Channel offers a completely new spin on traditional product reviews through a series of videos.

Produced by New York-based documentary filmmaker Crystal Moselle and writer/blogger Aviva Yael (seen right), the series features funny and creative videos with ‘It’ girls from New York and LA (well known models, bloggers, artists, musicians, designers etc.) trying beauty products for the first time.

From the Kiss-Off Series, which features popular scenesters making out with their boyfriends, friends or even strangers to test out the latest lip products, to the Mascara Cry Test, which features actress and blogger-of-the-moment Alexi Wasser ( watching sad movies, giving herself pep talks, talking about boys and giving her famous dating advice, as she tests new mascaras to see if they can get her through a movie date without looking like a raccoon by the end – each video features the organic, unconventional and very funny reactions of real women in an unscripted and engaging way.

Aside from showcasing the latest and greatest beauty offerings available on, the site also serves as a hub for the fusion of art and music with the world of beauty, showcasing the backstage primp sessions of up-and-coming girlbands and exclusive interviews with groups like the L.A. Ladies’ Choir, a women’s singing collective that counts model Frankie Rayder as a member.

Check them out for yourself at

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