Wednesday, November 4, 2009

stila makeup player

This is pretty ingenious don't you think?

It's one part makeup case and one part media player docking station.

Plus it comes with all you see here...except for the iPhone, that you'll have to purchase on your own honey.

Now, I'll admit, at first you're thinking what's the genius part?


Well, here it is...

Simply download tutorials from (which launched yesterday) onto the mobile device of your choice, dock it into the Makeup Player, and unleash your inner artist with the press of a button.

Once your look is complete, pull up a playlist and let the Makeup Player blast out your favorite tunes while you finish getting ready.

Right now there are lessons for natural look, smoky eye and many more to come.

Not bad huh?

Well try this last thing on for size.

You get the docking station makeup case and Stila products all for only $69.90!



Find yours at


dropforward said...

Wow, I've never heard of this, that's brilliant! I came across your blog search from google, and I love the design! Please feel free to check my blog out, I am just getting started.


KDC Events said...

That is the most FABULOUS make-up case I have ever seen! What an amazing idea!! I must have one...Christmas present maybe =)

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