Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what i'm loving now...

La Mer the Radiant Concealer SPF 25 ($65)

Yes, it's a tad on the splurge-y side, but boy does it work.
It conceals under eye circles like a dream and does not crease...a problem with most.
Comes in a sweet white leather pouch and has it's own brush, so that just ups the luxury factor by ten.
Love it for the way it makes me look as if I actually got the required eight hours of sleep.

Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream ($17.50)

What you need in your bag, on your bedside table, and in your medicine cabinet.
A rich cream that instantly moisturizes your hands and softens your cuticles.
Lasts through washings, yet absorbs quickly.
Positively perfect for the cold and colder months ahead.

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara ($22)

The last "extreme party" I went to took place in the nineties and involved a heavily liquer-marinated watermelon.
I'm pretty sure it also involved a really interesting game of quarters...but I digress.
What makes this product so phenomenal is that fact that you can apply, reapply, and then apply again without it getting all caked up and gross looking.
The most amazing thing?
Throughout it all, my lashes stayed flexible and soft with out-to-there length and volume.
Loves it.

and finally...

I'm just gonna state the obvious and say how RIDICULOUSLY adorable these three minis are.
And the added little bling?
Too fun.
All contain the same antioxidants like their larger counterparts, their compact size giving them that use-me-and-then-pop-me-into-your-bag-to-apply-as-needed-honey vibe.
The trio of hues?

- Brilliant...shimmering champagne
- Princess...shimmering rose
- Cushion...shimmering deep apricot

I love Cushion for the great color pop it imparts and Brilliant as a highlighter.  Princess works great for when I'm feeling a pinky cheek.
Would these not make a fabulous stocking stuffer for your bestie?

Just a thought.

editor's note: this review includes a products provided to me by reps from the respective companies. the links provided are not affiliate links...meaning they are links but I am making no money from me on that.  


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