Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what i'm loving...bobbi brown glitter lip balm palette

This palette ($40) has taken up permanent residency in my makeup bag.

While the colors aren't dark...basically very sheer versions of the colors you see above...they definitely deposit enough shine and sparkle.

Don't let the word "sparkle" scare you though, it doesn't look disco-ballery, but it can definitely pack a glittery punch if you add too much.  If that's not your thing, use enough to make your lips moist (they are balms after all) or layer a little over one of your fave lippies.  Another thing to do is to just touch a dab in the center of your bottom lip for a nice pow effect.

I myself love a little shimmer in the morning, noon, and night it works for me.

Something to check out either way.

Find yours at

editor's note: this review includes a product provided to me by a rep from the company. the links provided are not affiliate links...meaning they are links but I am making no money from me on that.  


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