Saturday, December 19, 2009

baby it's freaking freezing outside

It's fa-fa-fa-freezing here in Virginia.

We have (at least) 2 feet of least.

Every weather report says something different, but I think that the snow probably won't end until later tonight.

That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.

Big L and little l were out in the snow shoveling and playing around.  Made them homemade hot chocolate once they came back in.

Drying my son off is as close as I plan on getting in the chilly stuff.

Just planning on doing some blogging stuff, maybe shopping online, and making some cookies or other goodies.

Either way, I'm totally not going outside today.

What's the weather like where you are?


Soos said...

You don't really want to know!


It's partly cloudy and 79 in beautiful HNL. And that means it is partly sunny. It got down to the mid-60s early this AM, and really rarely cracks 60.

Keep warm!

Aloha, Soos

Charlestongirl said...

Jennifer, it's almost as bad in Falls Church as it is in your neighborhood! Maybe just under two feet at this point. My back aches from shoveling, and it's still snowing. I really hate this stuff, no matter how pretty it is.

Ginny said...

Hey Jenn!
Weather is the same here of course since we are practically in the same town.
You can check out my snow pics @

I haven't been to the gym much lately seems we can't get well and stay well around here.
How have you been?

Jennifer said...

Soos: You're killing me! No lower than 60 and a high of 79? That has got to be THE perfect weather! Sooooo jealous!

Charlestongirl: because of our new daughter, I pretty much got off the hook and was able to stay inside. I love looking at it when it first falls, then I'm like...okay, now go away snow. Especially when I STILL have xmas shopping to do! Are you done your shopping?

Ginny: Doing great about you? Is the family feeling better? I'll have to check the pics out! Haven't been to the gym here either. My son was sick, then me, then other stuff comes up. I really need to get regular about it.

Thanks for visiting guys!

lee5458 said...

Well, Im in west coast of Florida. It is 11:30pm. I have my wood burning stove going? Temp is 49? I baked all day & night? I managed to shove 1 coconut macaroon down, that is it? FREEZING DOWN HERE? Yall must be going cold crazy!! Happy Holidays~~

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