Wednesday, December 16, 2009

elke all natural brow scrub

It was seriously a major honor to have Elke work on mine and Christine's brows during fashion week of 2008.


During that her chic NYC apartment btw...she talked to us about using a scrub on our brows to help grow them out.

She told us that using said scrub on our brows once a night would help to encourage growth better than anything else out there.

There was even little wink-wink hints that she had something "in the works" that would be perfect for scrubbing the delicate eye area.

This is it.

Elke All Natural Brow Scrub ($16) is spot-on for someone who wants to grow out their brows quickly and naturally.

Right now...and this might probably be a little tmi...I'm breast feeding little e and I'm totally paranoid to not use anything on my skin that might contain crazy/harmful ingredients.

No need to worry about that here.  Elke's scrub is all natural, cruelty free and even certified vegan.

Love that.

Plus it smells like coconuts.

Adore that.

Use it at night once a week for about 2-3 weeks and you should start to see results.  I did it and saw hair growth around a week or so and needed to get them done around week three.

It's gentle enough to leave your eyebrow area feeling conditioned, but effective enough to keep it smooth too.

Something definitely worth checking out.

Find it at

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Anonymous said...

I cant wait to try this stuff. I really hope it works...I also posted about it on my blog-

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