Thursday, December 10, 2009

lancome genifique eye

This is just one of those you-have-to-try-it-to-believe-it products.  It's claim is seven in you'll see results in seven days.  I was shocked that it took a little less than that to actually see improvement in my under eye area.  There's also less puffiness and my circles (while never crazy-dark) definitely look brighter.

The price might be a tad on the splurge side for some ($59) but it's gel-cream texture allows you to get away with out having to use a ton to feel hydrated.

Totally worth a look-see while out shopping for the holidays.

Find it at your local Lancome counter and


Anonymous said...

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organic cosmetic brushes said...

I will definitely want to try this one...hope this is a genuine update.

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