Friday, December 11, 2009

real life gift tools edition

At first you're probably thinking...a toothbrush?  For the holidays?  Wha?
Just work with me here. 
It's great because it's not something most recipients will go out of their way to buy, normally.
The slim design is easy to store and use for travel.
It cleans your teeth like a dream and it even has a sensitive teeth setting...something that I have been using on the regular ever since my dentist informed me that I've been brushing waaayyy too hard.
It's on sale now for about $54 at, but here's a little something that I found over at the Oral-B site.  It's a $15 mail in rebate form good for any Oral-B ProfessionalCare or Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush. The only clincher is you need to buy one before December 31, 2009 and send in the info by then as well.  Click here for more details on that.

Truly the mack daddy of flat irons.
Knocks it out of the park with its ability to straighten my hair quickly and easily.
Plus my hair still feels soft and not dry (a problem with some flats).
Another cool thing?
A turbo trigger that releases a burst of power when straightening, curling, or flipping.  Every time you clamp your flat iron down the turbo trigger is released.
Love that.
It's definitely a splurge...but sooooo worth it in my opinion.

The perfect brush set for a beginning makeup addict.
Also great for someone who travels a lot and hates to bring along their ridiculously expensive other brushes for fear they might lose them (totally lost a fave Chanel brush this way once).
While a $22 price tag makes it a nice stocking stuffer, why not add one of her palettes for a fabulous gift that comes in under $50?

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mineral lipstick said...

Love these brushes...very nice holiday gift ideas here.

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