Thursday, January 28, 2010

oscar blandi pronto wet instant volumizing shampoo and conditioner


Where have I been huh?

All I can say is that I will not bore and/or gross you out with the details.

Let's just talk a little beauty here, because it's been a little too long.

Recently, I had the chance to check out Oscar Blandi Pronto Wet Instant Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner ($26 each).

The word divine comes to mind.

The shampoo cleans any buildup out of your hair, but doesn't strip it (due to it's lack of color depleting sulfates) or make it feel dry and brittle.

The conditioner adds softness and hydration without weighing down my hair in the process.


The best part?

Each has a gorgeous, fresh lemony smell...not a yucky Lemon Pledge-y gag-me kinda scent that I h-a-t-e.

While it is on the splurgey side, it's definitely worth a try.

In case you might be a little hesitant to take the plunge, you can pick either of these up at your local Sephora (and  That means that you can check them out in person, ask a salesperson for a sample (they will do this without a lot of begging on your part, trust me) and test it out for yourself.

I think you'll be pleased.


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