Friday, January 8, 2010

saltbox nyc basketweave carryall

In case you're like me and pretty much carry around your life in your bag, this is for you.

Saltbox NYC Basketweave Carryall ($140) will easily become your favorite everyday bag.


You can literally throw anything in it (it's made out of heavyweight canvas that's stain and water resistant) and it totally doesn't matter.

It'll still look good.

I'm using it as an alternative diaper bag, but you could easily use it for work essentials or workout gear or whatever you can think of.

It's that kind of bag.

With three zippered pockets (two on the outside and one on the inside) to choose from, a zippered top, faux leather handles, and an optional shoulder strap that allows you to wear it cross-body style, you can definitely stay organized on the go.

Visit for some other fab well as things like wallets, luggage tags, cosmetic bags and more.

You're bound to find something you love.


saltbox said...

Hi Jennifer! THANK YOU so much for the sweet blog about our Basketweave Carryall in Tiki! Here's a link to a photo of a model wearing this bag so everyone can see the proportions:
Thank you again, thrilled to be on your blog! Best wishes, Melinda

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Ce blog a l'air très interessant bravo

PamperMe 30 said...

I really like your site:) LOVE the handbag.

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