Friday, January 15, 2010

yes, i'll have a side of writer's block please...

Yes...yes...I know.

Total lack of posting on my part here.


Well, in case you totally just blew past the title to this post, I'm having a major attack of writer's block.

Basically I'll start to write a post, stare at the screen for about an hour, start clicking around the web, update my cart on Amazon (with products I've yet to buy mind you), watch tv, read a magazine, and so on until major time has elapsed and I'm ready for bed.


Another thing that's been happening is that I'll start to write a post, about eye cream or something, and then suddenly said post will turn into a long diatribe about (I don't know) some annoying guy that was standing in line in front of me at the grocery store...or some other crazy nonsensical crap.

Then I erase it and can't think of anything else to say about the eye cream because MY MIND IS JUST A BIG PILE OF MUSH.


I've decided to take some time off and get my stuff in order.

So, no posts today or this weekend.

But, I hope to be back on Monday with some better stuff that makes sense and won't leave you staring at the screen, scratching your head and saying WTF??!!!

1 Comment:

juau4 said...

:) Some "Me" time is just what you need! Relax and enjoy.... Inspiration will come another day.

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