Wednesday, February 3, 2010

glee hair how-tos with sarah potempa and aussie

I have to admit here, I have never seen Glee.

Well, that's a little bit of a lie, I watched like 5 minutes of the pilot episode and then kinda went about on my way.

I'm not ruling it out though, I plan on checking it out either during repeats, online, or Netflixing the season.

I do know this...people are literally freaking insane for this show.

So for those Glee-maniacs...or if you just like to try some new's a few hair how-tos from the ever fabulous Sarah Potempa (Aussie's celebrity stylist).

Read on to find out how-to to get some Glee hair looks minus the Slurpies or Slushies, or whatever they keep throwing on everyone.

High Ponytail with Curls

Who wears it?  
Quinn and all the Cheerios 

This is fun and sassy way to look strong and soft at the same time. Start by applying Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner all over the roots and brushing the hair into the ponytail TIP: Always look up when making a ponytail to create a tight, smooth back. Then separate hair in ponytail into four sections and curl
each with a 1’curling iron and secure with duckbill clips until cool. Brush to blend the curls together for a polished finish.

Fabric Wraps and Headbands

Who wears it?  
Quinn, Mercedes, and Rachel

At one point or another, all the girls of Glee have sported a headband or a thick fabric used as a wrap in their hair. This is a casual way to add color to your look. We love how Mercedes uses excess fabric to hang down like a scarf, while taming her natural locks. To get Mercedes’s look, apply Aussie’s Shine Enhancing Gel to damp hair and lightly diffuse. Then wrap the fabric tightly around your forehead and tie in the back. Slowly, push the fabric back to tame the front. TIP: You can use a scarf, an old dress you cut up, or go to your local fabric store and find your favorite pattern.

Shiny and Smooth Pinned-Up Bangs

Who wears it?  

The perfect girl needs the perfectly polished hair. Rachel often is seen with a soft, shiny bounce to her hair. This starts by having a moisturizing foundation and using Aussie’s Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. TIP: Aussie’s 3-Minute Miracle is a great weekly deep conditioner to add shine, moisture, and smoothness to your hair. Then, using a large 1 1/2 “ curling iron, bevel the bottoms of each section inward to polish the ends. Final step to keep the hair off your face is to take a triangle-size section and comb it back and twist at the root. Secure with bobby pins that match your hair color.

Twisted Fringe with “Aussie” Waves

Who wears it?  

This is a great take on the Jennifer Aniston Oscar 2009 braid, but with a twist.  Spritz Aussie’s Leave-In Conditioner Spray on the fringe that you will twist. Take two pieces and cross one over the other (and, surprisingly, do NOT twist). With each piece, add a little hair from the root of the loose hair. Follow half way down and secure with 2 bobby pins or a clear elastic underneath the top layer of the hair. Curl the hair with a 1” curling iron and spray with Aussie’s Sprunch Spray.


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