Wednesday, March 24, 2010

julie hewett los angeles the capri palette

This is palette perfection.

Julie Hewett Los Angeles, The Capri Palette was inspired by Jackie Kennedy who used to spend her summers on the isle of Capri.

The result is a combo of shades that leave me in classic beauty bliss.

You get two eye shadows (silk: a shimmery light beige and terra: a nutmeg-brown with a little gold shimmer), a rose camellia balm, and a totally gorge shimmery coral blush.

All colors that go on easily, look positively divine, and last throughout the day.

Really everything you'll need for the fabulous island hopping you'll be doing this summer darling.

Okay...maybe not island hopping...but you get the idea right?

One caveat though, it's not available till May.

If you can't wait until then, head on over to to check out some of her other pre-made palettes.  You can also get creative and put together one of your own!

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