Saturday, March 27, 2010

runway, real way, and the nars way

Who doesn't love watching fashion shows and wishing you could replicate the look in a way that works for the real world.

Well it's Nars to the rescue darling.

There's a series of three quick little videos that feature makeup artists taking the looks straight from the runway and turning them into a real-way look you're sure to love.

Each video, filmed backstage at NY Fashion Week, features a wearable take on the stylized NARS makeup runway look that will be easy for women everywhere to recreate. NARS makeup artists Jenny, Uzo and Jane outline the three key steps for recreating the makeup looks from, 3.1 phillip lim, Marc Jacobs and Thakoon, respectively. Always a proponent of real beauty, the models featured in the videos are women from the NARS Marketing team.

Here's one.  Enjoy...

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