Wednesday, March 31, 2010

this just in...a phan-tastic lancome giveaway

Lancôme just sent me an email about a fabulous giveaway they're doing on their Lancôme Facebook page.

Anyone who becomes a fan between now and Friday night (April 2nd) will be eligible to win all the products in Michelle Phan’s new Lancôme video!  Plus, existing fans are eligible as well.

Get it?


See what I did there in the title?

Man I kill myself sometimes.

Okay...sorry...I'll stop now.

As many of you know YouTube phenom Michelle Phan joined the Lancôme team earlier this year as their first-ever video makeup artist.

Her latest video, called Clubbing Makeup, went live a few days ago and has already passed 825,000 views.

Check it out below, then click here to go right to the Lancôme Facebook page and become a fan!


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