Wednesday, March 31, 2010

update... I'm not dying.

Apparently my doctor says that he thinks it's an infection of my lymph nodes that was probably brought on from a sore throat that went untreated.

He also said that it should go away quickly with medication.  If it doesn't go away, he mentioned words like biopsy and other cancery sounding terms that really freaked me I decided to stick with his original diagnosis and figure this should be out of me by early next week.

Anyway, remember Kevin?

The high school kid who basically suffered from foot-in-his mouth-itis and ended up on the wrong end of a smack?

He wrote back to me after my post and here's what he had to say!


You're never going to believe this! I emailed her last night and she actually accepted my apology! Her reply is below if you have any interest. I never imagined a girl could be so warm and forgiving after being so upset. I'm excited about the coffee date...hopefully things will go more smoothly this time, lol.


Hi Kevin and thank you for writing to me. 

I got your note last night, and I've been thinking things over. You seemed like such a sweet guy at first, and so smart and interesting! We were having such a wonderful conversation and that's why I was really disappointed when you started commenting on my body. It felt really weird and uncomfortable, especially since we hardly knew each other. I've also had some weight issues in the past and I guess I'm really sensitive about any comments that hint at being overweight.

Regarding the abrupt ending to our conversation depicted by the graphic below (editor's note: i left it out because I have no clue how to add it)....hehehe

Well, I'm an old fashioned girl and I felt it was the most appropriate response for a guy I just met who had the nerve to "size me up". There is a time and place for those sorts of comments, and it's not when you first meet a girl. I will say that you took the slap like a gentleman by turning the other cheek and then coming back to make a sincere apology. Most boys would not be that mature.

I do think it would be unfair for me to write you off as a jerk. After all, we had a really great conversation up to that point. So yes, I'm willing to forgive and forget and might even meet you for coffee, like we had talked about, but the terms are that you have to pay and I get to order something really extravagant like a large, caramel macchiato.....just joking ;-)


So I guess congratulations are in order Kevin!

Hope that things are going well.  Did you guys meet for that Caramel Macchiato?  I personally think that drink is amazing and get one at least 3 times a week...iced of course.

Write back and let me know what happens and if you guys end up going to the prom (or should I have said prom without a "the" in front of it?) or something like that.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Jennifer! You have a super fun blog! Just wanted to tell you that I had the same lymph node issue a few weeks ago. It cleared up fairly quickly with antibiotics, so no big deal. Hope that alleviates some of your concern! Good luck!

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