Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 minutes 5 questions with ellenore scott

Little known fact about moi...I love reality shows.

Well, allow me to rephrase that, I love competitive reality shows.

So imagine how excited I was to have the chance to interview someone from one of my fave shows So You Think You Can Dance!

Ellenore Scott was a former finalist on the show and is now working with Secret..that of the fab deodorant.

Not only is she super gorgeous (do you not just adore her fabulous short do?) she's also super sweet to take the time out of her busy day to answer a few questions.

So without further ado...

With summer fast approaching...along with the prerequisite sleeveless shirts...what's your secret for maintaining your gorgeous arms?

My secret for maintaining beautiful arms for the summer is making sure they get the proper attention they deserve. I moisturize daily, I workout at the gym or in dance class to keep my arms in shape and stay confident by using Secret Scent Expressions every day to make sure that not only do I feel good, I smell good too!

What are your top five beauty essentials?

My top beauty essential would have to be a great moisturizer that has SPF 35 or higher. Keeping your skin hydrated during the year is key to youthful looking skin, and with so many woman having skin damage it is so important to have protection with SPF. My second is a great lip balm. One that is tinted is great because you can get great soft lips and just a splash of color to light up your face. Third would have to be my Secret deodorant. Not only have I been using this for years and it has worked best for me, but my mother has been using it as well for years. Fourth would be lengthening mascara. My eyes are one of my favorite features and it’s great to show them off by using a great mascara. To spice up your mascara, try a different color! My new pick is purple. My last essential would have to be water. I know that sounds silly, but drinking water will keep your skin looking fresh and help your body with its daily functions. There's nothing better than looking healthy and being healthy!

Can you share a beauty tip you've learned in your travels?

One tip that I learned from the makeup artists that worked on the television show I was on is that to negate dark circles, use a concealer with orange in it. It may seem crazy to be putting orange on your eyes, but it worked fabulously! Also, I learned that if you want that luminous glow, use a highlighter on the bridge of your nose, on the high parts of your cheek bone and on the tops of your shoulders. This will give you a natural glow that will make people say, "You look so lovely today!"

Which celebrity has a style you adore?

I really love how Jessica Alba can somehow always be so cool and put together without being to "done up." Her laid back style is gorgeous, she knows how to layer and to walk the red carpet in style. She is a natural beauty, she always looks like she is wearing nothing on her face. Her favorite beauty product that we all can afford – her smile.

What's your must-have beauty splurge/indulgence?

My must have beauty splurge is in the category of skin products. I am always willing to splurge on face masks!

Thanks Ellenore!


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