Thursday, April 8, 2010

beauty buys under $10...covergirl lashblast fusion

I mentioned this a while back (back in March) because it was up for a limited edition pre-sale.

After having a chance to test out a tube, all I can say is love it!

Combining the best of both worlds, CoverGirl created LashBlast Fusion ($9) for those who want length and volume.

It comes in the same sized tube as their original LashBlast and has the same brush.  The differences are the formula, the color of the tube, and the fact that it's missing that silvery bandy thingy that's on the LB.

Does it work?

Well, after using it the other day, a manicurist complemented my lashes and asked what I was using.  So yeah, it does the job.

Right now it's available in Very Black, Black-Brown, and Brown.

Check your local Target, or favorite CG retailer today.


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