Tuesday, April 20, 2010

beauty tip of the week

Now that the freaking bitter cold is over, it's getting to be the time to start breaking out your faux glow.

Whether you use a powdered bronzer, a liquid, gel, or cream...here's a tip that I found in the May issue of Marie Claire.

It's from an interview with Gucci Westman, the fabulous makeup artist extraordinaire of Revlon.

In it she gives a few good tips, but the one she gives on bronzer is one of those totally-makes-sense moments.

Tan skin with a lot of makeup looks tacky.

Her advice...if you're bronzed, do not wear mascara.

I couldn't agree more.

For a no brainer look, try this set I found on Nordstrom.com...

It's Bobbi Brown's 'Bahamas' Bronze Set...a Nordstrom Exclusive, plus an $80 Value...that you can snag for $55 right now.

It comes with all you see here to impart that uber fabulous summery glow, without making you look all made up in the process.

Now go forth and be glowy!

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