Sunday, April 4, 2010

fun news!

I just found out that this little old blog has been ranked in the Top 20 of Beauty blogs according to Wikio!

Apparently the next Top Blog ranking will be available starting this Monday, but those on the list got a sneak peek and here's the results...

1Beauty Snob
2Glamour - Girls in the Beauty Department
4Hot Beauty Health
5Beauty And The Blog
6The Non-Blonde
7Makeup Minute
815 Minute Beauty Fanatic
9eBeautyDaily - The Beauty Blog
11beauty in real life
12Beauty & Personality Grooming
13The Gloss Menagerie - Beauty tips, tricks, sales, & product reviews!
14BirkinBagBeauty: stylish items in life
15Beauty Banter
16the beauty alchemist
17Beauty Tip Today
1899 Products
19Beauty Packaging Breaking News
20Beauty is Within: Beauty and Fashion Blog
Ranking made by Wikio

Total honor to be on here, especially when you consider the amazing company.

A big huge thanks to my readers and Wikio are in definite order here!


KDC Events said...

OMG Jenn!! Congrats =) You are TOTALLY Fabulous.

Gloria said...

Congrats! Love it!

Beauty Bits And Fashion Tips said...

Just like to say Congrats on your great work.

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