Friday, April 16, 2010

this just in...kevin's a sham!!!! you remember a while back when I got that email from a high schooler named Kevin?

Truth is, when I initially got the email, I was a little suspicious of the whole story from the get-go.

Not for anything, but the story (in my opinion) seemed to be written by an adult instead of a teenager.

I didn't want to seem like a negative crazy...and it's been ages since I've been in high I gave him the benefit of the doubt and published it.

Well...GET THIS...

I just saw this letter on the Dear Margo site and IT"S THE SAME FREAKING LETTER!!!!!!

Instead of a high school's an art gallery.

And "Kev" had just moved here from Scotland!!!!

SON OF A B----!!!!


This is why I need to ALWAYS trust my first instinct.


What an a--hole.


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