Monday, May 17, 2010

macy's now carries bobbi brown cosmetics

Was I the only person who didn't get the memo on this?

Macy's is totally carrying Bobbi Brown now.

I'm not sure if all locations will have a BB counter, but Bobbi Brown  products seem to be definitely up and running on the website.

How did I not realize this?

Probably because I haven't been to the mall sans family in ages.

AGES people.

Do you know what it's like shopping with a four year old, a 10 month old, and a husband who does not like to shop?

Not.  Fun.

It mainly involves my husband and four year old repeatedly asking me are we done yet?

Ugh...totally sucks the life out of the whole "shopping experience", if you know what I mean.

1 Comment:

Beauty, Events, and Free Stuff said...

finally! never understood y it didn't

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