Monday, May 3, 2010

neosporin...not just for cuts

No matter how hard I try, I cannot resist popping a pimple if and when I get one.  Last week, I had (sorry if this is a tad too TMI) a monster zit on my nose.  One of those under the skin ones.

Now, I totally know that I shouldn't have tried to pop it.  It's not good and all, it'll scar, and blah blah blah...but pick at it I did.

Nothing came of it except for me making it madder and uglier.  Plus, I definitely did some damage to the skin on top (again sorry).

It basically looked way worse than when I started.

Stupid me.

So, at this point, I couldn't really put anything on it without looking ridiculous and probably hurting like crazy.  Ugh.

Then it hit me.

It's basically a wound, right?

Why not slab a little Neosporin on it and see what happens.

So that's what I did.

Then, I am not kidding here, a little while later the swelling and redness started to go down.  By evening it was looking even tinier and way less on the crimson side.

A couple of days was gone*.



Love it.

Do you have any pimple tips you'd like to share?  If so, leave a comment below.

*Now, I'm not saying it'll work for severe cases and if yours is bad enough you might want to see a derm...but it did the trick for me.


Jenni said...

Haha yes I use it too! I had the same thinking as you, and it seems to work great!

Gloria said...

LOL - love the honesty in this - so true!

Robin @ said...

It's the anti-bacterial power of the Neosporin that took care of the zit. A pimple is just an infected pore, so that's why it worked for you. I also use a mix of lavender and bergamot essential oil. Really good anti-bacterial properties!

Anonymous said...

i've been using this for years!

Meg said...

I am so happy other people do this too! When I get a really terrible one sometimes I put some decolorized iodine on it too!

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