Monday, June 28, 2010

halle berry's rockstar cargos

Halle Berry is probably the only person on the planet who could wear a potato sack and STILL look absolutely phenomenal.

Am I right?

Plus, did she drink from the I-never-look-old stream?

It's like time has totally stopped for her in the aging department.

I need to get my hands on whatever skincare she uses on a regular.

And let's not even get into her ridiculously cute short 'do.

Love.  It.

Anyway...Berry got snapped out with a few friends in Los Angeles , California the other day in Rockstar's Cargo pants.

Rockstar Cargos come in a large variety of carefully selected colors to match your own personal style, from the popular sand chosen by Halle and army green for a military look to purple, white, navy, black, brown and grey.

You can find her cargos online at for around $250.

editor's note: in case you're wondering, no i do not own these.  i also did not receive a pair for review or payment for this post.  i think the cargos are cute and if you have the body...why the hell not?


Dana Powers said...

Thanks for posting this, I'm always looking for practical "dungarees" and if there is a chance I will look like Halle, worth a try. But, oops, I just saw the pricetag. Maybe I'll save up for just one pair!

Regina at Fauxology said...

Just found your blog via Twitter - am loving it, thank you! I agree with you on Halle Berry (and Michelle Pfeiffer also comes to mind) and I wish I could carry off the cargo pant look. They can be so cute!

Unknown said...

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