Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new from elizabeth grant...the socializer

This product has me-in-my twenties written all over it.

It's from Elizabeth Grant and it's called The Socializer ($40).

Inside the super-cute packaging are two click-y pen/brush type applicators that dispense just enough product right where you need it.

You have Bright Lights which contains fabulous little illuminators to perk up your tired eyes and Late Nights which you apply before hitting the sheets.

If you can remember to do so.

Both work to make you look more rested and ready for the day ahead...even though you probably crawled out of bed, after only getting 3 hours sleep.

While I'm definitely past my going-out-late-and-getting-up-early-still-hungover phase, this is perfect for someone who's just starting to get into skincare...or could use a little under eye pick me up.

Think your teenage daughter, your fave niece, or your little sis.

Honestly...they'll thank you for it.


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