Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my top five summer essentials

Getting ready to hit any body of water takes a HUGE effort on my part lately.  With two kids...three if the husband decides to tag involves a whole lotta packing and preparing, just to sit for a couple of hours poolside.

Here's the essentials that totally make the short-list:

1. The first thing you always need is a large bag to fit everything from towels to whatever.  I'm loving this one from Pottery Barn.  It's large, cute, and can be carried by your hand or over the shoulder.  There's a pocket in front for quick access to a phone, plus the inside is lined with PVC so that wet stuff won't seep through.  You can even monogram it.

2.  Sunglasses are a must.  This season it's all about retro and these Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses are a classic necessity.  Just pick your color and protect your peepers in style.

3.  Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof is great if you're a sweater like me.  I mean, I really don't know anyone (except for my mom) who doesn't sweat at all.  It's been so hot lately that even stepping out my front door brings on the perspiration.  With this deodorant though, I can actually feel dry where it counts and not stink.  Muy importante!

4.  Whoever came up with this kit is a genius.  The Gilette Venus Bikini Trimmer is my summertime staple.  Who wants to be that chick who isn't on top of her game down there?  Am I right?  This contains everything you need to get the job done.  My tip is this...using the bikini trimmer, go against the growth of the hair to trim really close and with to just trim a little.  So easy and no need to replace any batteries like others out there.  It even comes with an Olay Bikini cream that you use on your bikini line to keep your skin smooth.  Perfection.

5.  If I could have fit the entire Clinique Sun product line in here, I would have.  Being I'm a little short on space (and I could not find a group shot that would fit) I'll just talk about this Clinique Sun SPF 30 Body Cream.  It protects you from the sun's harmful rays, but doesn't smell all perfumey and/or beachy.  Perfect if you just want to wear it daily as you go about your day.  The beauty of this cream is the fact that using it not only provides an SPF, it also makes your skin feel soft and hydrated.  Something that's hard to find in sun care.  The fact that Clinique claims it will also repair your skin over time is just the icing on the cake.


Tammy@Venus said...

Well, we thank you sincerely for such love and inclusion in your top five list. And what a list it is - really good stuff!

Happy Summer!

Miss Platnum said...

you're absolutely right. I'm just home from a beautiful vacation and I can tell that I left my sunglasses at home so I was obliged to purchase another one, there was no other way out!

Hair Loss Remedies said...

This is a great list! Lists don't usually speak to me--this is one of the only times that I absolutely agree with the complete necessity of each item!! Excellent suggestions too!

Sophia said...

Cute post. I'd have to agree with most of those things. I've been going all nuts this summer with all the amazing fashion trends though!

A Bob Cut Canada said...

Nice post ! I like special carry bad so simple and cute.White color make it rick ...

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