Thursday, July 15, 2010

stila travel girl palette

So, I've been put on "double secret spending probation" over here.


I am not kidding.

Need to hear back from the other stay-at-home-moms out there and see if you ever get put on this too.  I know it's not just me.


While my husband wouldn't exactly understand the necessity of this, I don't think he could argue with me over the fact that it's an amazing value.

For just $10...yep, you read that can have this palette valued at $65!!

The Road to Radiance: Across the U.S.A. Palette is the first in a new travel palette collection that will launch every month from now through November. Inspired by fashion, people, colors and culture from around the world, these palettes follow five Stila girls, each with their own unique look, as they travel the world.

Here's what you'll get in the one you see above:

 4 Stila Eye Shadows in Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne), Southern Belle (mauve), Valley Girl (pink), City Chick (alloy), a Stila Convertible Color in Hibiscus!

In addition to the palettes, you can also read a travel journal that goes along with each...highlighting each Stila girl's adventures.  You'll be able to read about their journey and learn about their fave hot spots to visit!

Too cute right?

More will be on soon.  So be sure to keep heading back!


Spring Break Deals said...

How beautiful it is . The article is very good and interesting. All the product are of good quality and attractive. I appreciated your husband choice.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What?! That's a steal! I'm not too fond of these colors on mt pale white skintone lol, but I'll def check in monthly for the new ones.

Rashmi Gupta said...

Very nice written..
$10 is so less.. its amazing..

JoElla said...

oooohhhhhhhh I have been put on this type of torture myself. And for 10 bucks... I think he should be understanding LOL!

But the upswing of this type of torture, I have found some great little drugstore and grocery store goodies that have helped me be quasi naughty without any drama ;)

I will be checking this palette out, and hey for 10 smackers it is a win/win thing!

Mischo Beauty said...

LOL.. very cute palette! Hope your spending probation ends soon... :)

Alpha Babe said...

This palette is adorable :)
Have you seen the 'Paris' palette yet?
It's only $10 as well!

Miss Platnum said...

I think beauty it's one of a girl's most important aspect. People usually judge you about your face so... we should always be good looking! And this seams to be an easy way to keep it on the way :)

Anonymous said...

Thats an amazing price...I am curious as to where you got this from :) I have found similar things else where for a great value, nothing with colors like this :)

-California Girl

musiclover12 said...

How cute is this! I can't believe the value either! I'll definately have to try it out.

Anonymous said...

Another stay at home mom with a love of beauty and fashion here, and I am on double-triple-super-hardcore spending probation, so you are certainly not alone! I love love love staying home with the babe, but it leaves me with a dangerous amount of time in which I can shop. And I do. Constantly. Hence the probation.

mineral makeup said...

I know exactly how you feel. You know you can't afford it, you even know you can live without it - but that doesn't mean you can leave the store without it. =)

Unknown said...

Hello there,

we love this make up pallete. It´s wonderful!!!


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