Saturday, August 21, 2010

les khakis de chanel

Hello my lovelies!

It's been ages...hasn't it?

Let's just say that things have been more than hectic here.  A children-teething-children-clinging-husbands-working-round-the-clock kinda hectic.


Not pretty.

Things are getting slightly back to normal, so I decided to do a quickie post to keep you drooling.

Introducing the newest lust-worthy nail colors from Chanel...

In case you aren't totally aware...khaki is everywhere this fall.

Not to be left out, Chanel is releasing their newest this September with Les Khakis de Chanel.  Three wearable shades that you can sport on your digits and look all camo, without going overboard.

I have not tested these out, but Khaki Brun is looking pretty interesting.

Although at $25 a bottle, it's going to take some serious explaining on my part...Big L still has me on a spending probation.

Yeah, that's how I feel.


Katie said...

I'd really like to have all three, but because they are quite expensive, I'd at least like to have Khaki Vert!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ouch, that's pricey...but it is Chanel. I immediately though of the khaki fashon when I saw the shades, spot on.

Brisbane Dentist said...

i got a china red from Chanel can use forever

Glam-Me-Up said...

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beauty and fashion said...

very nice post

Mineral Skin Care said...

I don't care about the price. It's Chanel. Nice shades. I'll get Khaki Vert, too, first.

mineral makeup said...

I absolutely love these colors, I am an earth tone kind of girl. I always wear browns and greens. These colors are great!!

Real Girls Beauty said...

Hi, love your blog! My favourite is the Khaki Rose, it's lovely!

I've just started my blog - Please check it out.

Zoe x

Mineral makeup said...

What a nice post related beauty. I am impressed. Keep it up.

Liz said...

These khaki colors haven't quite hit in texas yet. Fun to wear though to freak out my coworkers! La Liz

organic foundation said...

It is not only nice Chanel it is also perfect quality when to comes to some names such as this.I simply love to pick these up.

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