Wednesday, March 30, 2011

beauty buys under $10...dial nutriskin lotion

While my calendar says it's spring, it's been feeling more like an extended winter.

Like, freezing with a capital F.

Thankfully though, that won't last and soon I'll be having to bare more skin, along with the warmer temps.

In the meantime, I'm getting myself prepped by dousing my epidermis with lotion...morning and night.

Hey, a girls gotta do whatever it takes ya know?

This one by Dial recently came across my desk and really surprised me.

It involves something called a Bio Nutrient Complex that uses different ingredients to help your skin look and feel its best.

The one I tested (seen above in the pic) was for dry skin and contained stuff like: Aloe, Vitamins C,E (antioxidants), Amino Acids (protein building blocks), Omega 3 (for moisture balance), and Vitamin F (to improve elasticity).

The result?

Super moisturized skin that continued to feel that way throughout the day.


I also liked it's very, very, faint scent and it's ability to not compete with my perfume in any way.

That's normally a deal breaker right off that bat for me.

You can find Dial Nutriskin Lotion at any mass market, grocery, or drug store in three different sizes and all priced under $10.

Find out more at

disclosure: a press sample was provided by a pr representative for the brand


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