Monday, March 7, 2011

conair infiniti pro 1875

This all started because I lost the damn concentrator nozzle from my favorite blow dryer.

I've had that thing forever and it was still going strong.

Due to the fact that my hair was so short over the summer (and I would subsequently just opt for air-drying) it previously just sat languishing in its drawer.

Then we moved.

Then said dryer and concentrator attachment were put in a place that was easily accessed by my 19 month old.

Of course when I went to use both (because the need is there) the nozzle was missing.


There is a concentrator attachment somewhere in the house and I can't find it.

Good luck asking the suspect because she won't give up the location...even with bribery.

I tried.

The husband was no help.

He did assist in looking for it, but he was all "just use it without it" when it couldn't be found.

Uh...say what?!

Spoken like a person who has never in their life used a concentrator attachment.

Off I trudged to my local Ulta to check out the blow dryer selection.

The over $100 price tag on my favorite Rusk dryer made that a no-go.  I was desperate, but not that desperate.

I was just about to give up, when I saw this.

Conair's new Infiniti Pro 1875.

It promised all that the rusk had promised, with a much more family friendly sticker of $29.99 (on sale).


Am I loving it?

Well, so far so good.

The position and sensitivity of the buttons threw me a little at first, but I'm used to it now.

It does the job quickly, with very little effort on my part, and my hair looks great when I finish.

So that works for me.

I'll still keep searching for that nozzle though.

I don't go down that easy.


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