Saturday, March 19, 2011

marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh

Spritzed this on my wrist whilst walking around the mall the other day.

While I can't go into notes and all that, I can tell you smells so so so pretty.

This new scent from Marc Jacobs definitely lives up to its name.

A lighter version of the original Daisy, it's worth checking out if you're in the market for something new for spring/summer.

I'm considering buying it, even though the last thing I need cluttering my bathroom vanity is another bottle of fragrance.


This bag.

This darn bag is making me consider buying a new scent that (while I love it) I honestly don't need it.

But...the bag.

The bag is so cute.

A perfect little tote that would look so cute on my arm and would be mine with a large bottle purchase...that's $85 btw.

Who am I kidding?

You know I'm going to go out and buy this.


I found these at my local Macy's.  I also found it online at  I think Macy's online is offering it too, but I didn't see it on the page...even after I added it to the cart.  Just fyi.


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