Friday, March 11, 2011

secret clinical strength sport deodorant

So here's the story.

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting something from a high shelf in a cabinet, when all of a sudden I caught a whiff of something pretty nasty.

I did one of those looking around things, sniffing here and there, trying to figure out what it was I just smelled.

Then I realized the obvious.

It was me.

My pits to be precise.

They reeked.

It wasn't because I had just worked out, or hadn't showered yet.

It wasn't because I was sweating a lot, it was a nice day and I haven't been as hot since I lost the weight.

It was the fact that my regular deodorant had decided to up and quit on me.

Leaving me with (sorry if this is a tad too TMI) sticky and stinky underarms. was as gross as it sounds.

Time to switch up the old deodorant!

Being I run 6 days a week now, I decided to upgrade and go for one of the clinical strength deodorants that are out there.

This was what I picked.

It was definitely a tad on the expensive side for me, over $11 for the economy size at my local Target.

I decided that non-stinky-sweaty pits were worth the price though and snapped one up.

Am I glad that I did now.

I use it at night and in the morning I apply a regular deodorant (another Secret one that I picked up at the same time) just to double my dosage.

Maybe it's overkill*, but I figure that it can't hurt.

Anyway, my pits have been in check ever since and feel totally dry and awesome.

Even after I do my daily 6 or 7 mile runs.

And that totally works for me.

*editor's note:  i would like to also add that i've tried it without adding the extra deodorant in the morning and i still didn't have any issues with smelly or wet underarms. it's just me and my paranoia that keeps me doing the double dosage.


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