Monday, March 14, 2011

victoria's secret dream angels demi bra


The hubby hasn't decided to take over the blog.

It's me and I'm including the pic above because it was the only one I could find online of the bra.

Just the bra.

I was trying to figure out why she was looking down though.

Is she trying to avoid stepping on something?

Is she finding it hard to see past her ridiculous cleavage?


Sorry...I lost myself for a minute there.

I'm back.

The bra.

I'm in absolute love with this exact bra.

I love the white color, with the touch of white lace at the bottom, and the cute little bow.

Plus, I love the fit.

I do recommend trying it on in-store though.

On a recent trip to my local mall, I popped in and asked one of the sales girls to measure me (something that I  suggest you do if you haven't done so in a while).

She did her measuring thing and let me know that I was now between an A and a B cup...not to mention that my band size had changed.

So that's why my bras were looking a tad wonky in the old cuperoos.

Anyway, I tried this one on and immediately fell in love.

It's so comfy and pretty at the same time.

The sizes also go from a 32A to a 40DD, so check with your VS to see what's available in-store.

At $45 you might think it's a little pricey, but keep checking back because I've seen it on sale in the past and I know that they're going to be having a pretty good sale promo in April.

I'll definitely be snapping up at least one or two more then.


Jackie said...

this is my favorite bra too! I raved to my friends about it. its comfy AND SO cute!

Jennifer said...

Jackie: I know right?! I really plan on heading back and snapping up at least another one (or two). Can not get over how much I actually like it.

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