Tuesday, April 26, 2011

clinique bottom lash mascara

File this under the most simple, yet genius idea for a product ever.

Clinique managed to come up with a teeny-tiny mascara wand that allows you to reach your bottom lashes, without smudging up everything around it.

Plus, the formula itself stays-put once you apply.

Later...at the end of the night?

It all comes off with soap and water.


I tested mine out and, while I may not want to use it everyday, it was able to hit all of my lower lashes easily.

The wand itself is really, really tiny and that gives you a sorta freedom to move it around without risking a visit to clumptown.

You could even use it on those little lashes in the inner corner of your upper eyelids too, if need be.

The best part for me, is how easy it is to remove at the end of the night.

Who wants to have to tug at their eyelids to get rid of every last trace of mascara?

Not me.

Use whatever cleanser you like, add some warm water, and it's gone.


The price is wallet friendly too.

Only $10.

Definitely worth a peek.

Find yours at your local Clinique counter or clinique.com.

disclosure: a pr sample was provided


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