Wednesday, April 13, 2011

gillette venus proskin moisturerich razor

Let's be real here, shaving is not exactly one of my favorite things to do.

In fact, in our new shower, it's downright dangerous.

I realized this last week, while trying to shave my legs.

It's a stand up shower, with no place to prop your leg to get proper shaving angle.

There's also nothing to hold on to.


Just two tiled walls and the two glass sides of the shower.

That's it.

So while bending over to try and shave my one leg, I almost bit it when I fell forward and hit my head on the glass wall.

Hit. My. Head.


I didn't pass out or anything.

That would have been mortifying.

Anyway...while shaving in MY shower is pretty risky, this razor makes it a little bit easier.

It gets rid of the annoying stubble and makes my legs and underarms feel both smooth and moisturized.

I'm also in love with the new holder they're using.

It's small and uses a (powerful) suction cup to hold the razor when you're not using it.

Suction cup =  no sticker residue when you remove it.


Find out more info at

disclosure: a sample was provided


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