Saturday, April 16, 2011

le metier de beaute large concealer brush

I remember seeing this brush being used by a makeup artist in some random video and loving it instantly.

It literally fits in the palm of your hand and that is what makes it perfect.

The small size (don't know why Le Metier called it a large concealer brush...go figure) allows you to really get in there, attack those dark circles and whatever else you've got going on, then blend in your concealer of choice perfectly.

For what it's worth though, it is crazy expensive.

Try $50.

Yup...that's a 5 and a 0 right there.

I bought mine last year and I still can't believe I spent that much on a brush, but truth is I really love it.

Fair warning though, I could not find this online.

Neiman Marcus has it on back order, with seemingly no idea as to when it will come in.

Seeing as it's been ages since I've set foot into a Neiman Marcus store (uh...because I've got two kids who turn on their we're-going-to-do-whatever-the-hell-we-want-in-this-place-and-YOU-can't-stop-us attitudes as soon as they enter a mall) I have no idea if it's in-store or not.

So, basically I'm showing you a product that you may or may not be able to ever actually see and you may or may not be able to ever actually purchase.


My bad.

disclosure: i bought this myself with my husband's hard earned money. he would NOT be amused, so don't tell him

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Anonymous said...

Something about walking in the entrance to any store and these kids just turn up the volume on that NONSENSE! I feel your pain.

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