Thursday, April 21, 2011

lubriderm men's 3-in-1 lotion

My husband is a total guys-guy.

He generally will just grab whatever lotion is sitting on the counter, smear it all over his face and body, then call it a day.

Recently though, he's been asking me about what kind of products he should use on his face.

He actually said you have any face lotion that I could use? my skin is starting to look a little tired.

Say what?!

He ran out of the Clinique men's skincare that I had bought him a while bad on forgetting to refill those...and really had nothing to use.

Then the Lubriderm arrived, ready for testing.

Big L was a totally willing guinea pig and used the lotion right away.

He loved that he could apply this all over...especially on his head, because he's (ahem) shaved bare up there.

It comes in a lightly scented version too (I actually like that one), but he prefers the fragrance free so it won't "compete" with his fave cologne.

Yeah, I kinda was surprised he thought that too.

He's been using it daily, for the past few weeks, and I have to say that his skin has been looking really even and feels so soft to the touch.

I mean, who wouldn't want their guy to feel all soft and cuddly really?

That's just how it works.

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disclosure: a pr sample was provided

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