Sunday, April 3, 2011

old navy the sweetheart skinny jeans

Old Navy just "gets it" when it comes to clothing for all sizes.

These faves of mine are available in sizes 0 through 20 with three different inseam lengths.

Not all stores do that.

The Sweetheart Skinny also wins points from me, because of the rise.

It's mid-rise makes you feel confident you aren't going to expose some body part you'd rather keep private.

Let's not even go there.

I pair mine with a slightly looser top that hits around my hips.

Go fancy or casual, just remember tight on the bottom demands a looser fit on the other half.

Tight and tight will just make you look like a hooker.

Just sayin.

For shoes, you can really try just about anything.

I've seen some cute celebs sporting theirs with high heels...although heels all day would be painful in my opinion.

I tend to stick with adorable little flats and the occasional wedge sandal.


Definitely try these on at the store to get your exact fit.

disclosure: i purchased mine at my local old navy


Tina B said...

okay I definitely just laughed out loud at "tight on tight just makes you look like a hooker"!! Love this post :) Oh and I'm loving the commercials for ankle jeans and flirty flats!! Gotta get me some!

Jennifer said...

Tina: lol! thanks!! you know you've seen ladies try this and you're all like "oh no she did not do that". old navy seriously rocks when it comes to women's clothes.

thanks for stopping by!!!


Pajama Jeans said...

Thanks for showing examples of these jeans. Its good to know that they come in a variety of sizes from petite to plus-size.

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