Thursday, April 14, 2011

reveal 10 by vasseur skincare

I'm not sure if other beauty bloggers feel this way, but trying new skincare products can sometimes freak me out.

Let me explain.

As I write this, I'm inching closer and closer to my fourth decade on earth.

That's the big 4-0.

A fact that is basically freaking me out more and more.

It just is.

At this point in my life, I've found products (through trial and error mind you) that just work for me.

Then a new product comes along and it sounds so amazing I want to try it.

So I either buy it, or I'm sometimes fortunate enough to have it sent to me for review, and then it sits in Product Limbo.

Product Limbo is the term I came up with for beauty goods that sit either in my bathroom drawer, or on top of my dresser, and wait for me to use them.

They sit and wait, because I am afraid to try them and have something god awful happen to my face.

Like break me out.

Or dry my skin out.

Or both.

So they sit and I stare at them and think, should I try you tonight?


But what if...? 

Ugh, if it breaks me out that's like a week of recovery.

See where I'm going with this?

This product sat in my bathroom drawer for a little while.

A couple of weeks ago, I took it out of limbo, threw caution to the wind, and decided to try it.

I used it at night, as a serum, and under my night-time moisturizer.

And in the morning?

I woke up to the most glowy and "awake" skin I've seen in a while.

Shocked would describe my reaction.

After using it for a week, I was deeply in love.

The price is even better.

The small (that's enough to last a while mind you) is only $20.


Needless to say, it's no longer languishing in limbo-land.

Find out more at

disclosure: a product was sent to me for review


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