Saturday, May 21, 2011

beauty buys under $10...aveeno living color shampoo and conditioner

Unlike Demi Moore, I actually admit that I have to color my hair to hide a few grays.

I mean, isn't she like in her late 40's or something and she "allegedly" has not a single gray hair in sight?

And she claims that she never colors her hair, yet her hair color has changed here and there over the years?


Keep it real Demi.

You look good.

Admit that you watch what you eat and you work out like a fiend to maintain your physique.

Admit that you do color your hair...probably in your own bathroom...and let us know what shade it is.


Help a sista out.

Anyway...back to moi.

I do color my hair, or have it colored if I'm on the lazy side and don't feel like wiping dye off of every blessed surface after coloring said hair.

In order to make the color last, it's positively essential to use products for color treated hair.

Nothing like washing money down the I right?

I recently checked out the new shampoos and conditioners from Aveeno and l-o-v-e what they did to my tresses.

We're talking soft, shiny, conditioned, and gaw-geous people.

Plus they smell great.

You can choose between shampoo and conditioner for fine hair and medium/thick.

I used the medium/thick and felt it worked well and didn't weigh anything down.

Muy importante.

The big test?

After washing and a little bit of a towel dry/dabbing, I blew my hair dry sans any leave-in or any other product.

The result?

No static. 

No flyaways.

No tangles.

Just beautiful shine, volume, and well managed tresses.

All for under $10 for each.

What's not to love about that?

Find them at any drug store or mass market retailer.

For more info, head on over to

disclosure: a sample was provided


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