Wednesday, May 25, 2011

eucerin daily skin balance skin-fortifying body lotion and hand creme

The past two weeks have been INSANE to say the least.

All kinds of melodrama have been playing out over here and for some reason it's really been hard to find some time to myself, so that I could actually sit down and type something here.


Especially since I'm not one of those people who can just switch it off and be all like " life is really busy and I'm going slowly crazy, but try this new lipstick I just checked out."



In the midst of all of the ridiculousness, there has been testing of products and me thinking need to post on this once I can figure out how to pry toddler from my left leg.

Generally though, there are products that make it easy to come up with a post.

Especially when said products are amazing.

Case in point?

The two gems you see above.

Both are inexpensive, yet powerful enough to get the job done.


They both claim to last all-day and are designed to enhance the skin’s health while they help balance its natural pH level.

They're also supposed to strengthen the skin’s barrier and defend against environmental stressors.

All I know is that they work.

They made my skin feel buttery soft all day and I really didn't feel the need to reapply.

After using the hand cream, my hands felt amazing and continued that feeling even after washing.


You can pick up each for under $10 on, as well as all food, drug and mass merchandisers nationwide.

disclosure: samples were provided


Jesiah said...

hmmmm I've heard about this product and it's pH balancing formula, I might have to try it for myself...I wonder if the pH balancing really does make a difference.


Venetian Beauty Reviews said...

they are really affordable and effective. And you can have better results if you continue using them.

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