Wednesday, May 11, 2011

marc jacobs splash cocktail collection

Ladies, it is a MUST that you check out this new scent collection from Marc Jacobs.

Like a you-need-to-get-yourself-to-a-store-and-smell-it-for-yourself-now must.

First of all, you have three different fragrances to choose from...each "inspired by the first sip of a refreshing cocktail on a sunny summer day".

Admit it, you so want a cocktail right now don't you?
Top Notes: fresh cut ginger, coriander,
Middle Notes: cognac oil, bourbon, granadilla, rhubarb
Base Notes: sandalwood

Top Notes: cranberry, tangerine
Middle Notes: honeysuckle, red currant
Base Notes: icy musks, exotic woods

Top Notes: Lime, blood orange
Middle Notes: violet, apricot, pear
Base Notes: white moss

Let me just state this for the record, the bottles are HUGE.

Gargantuan huge people...they last a lifetime.

They come with an optional spray top or you can just use it as a splash (it also comes with a screw on top).

Either way, the scents are light enough to throw some on and not worry about reeking of perfume.

Who wants to be that chick?

All three smell delicious and are perfect for warmer weather.

I found myself spritzing each one on different days, depending on my mood.

For some reason, Ginger and Cranberry called to me quite often.

But, don't dismiss Curacao.

Curacao is that amazing blend that reminds me of my husband, in this awesome I-just-spritzed-on-his-cologne-because-I-wanted-to-smell-like-him-all-day kinda way.

I. love. that. smell.

By the way, it's a smell that's not to be confused with smarmy-guy-in-nightclub-who-positively-bathed-in-some-cheap-cologne.


Who wants to smell like that guy?

Find the collection at Macy's stores, as well as online for $68 each and see for yourself.

disclosure: pr samples were provided


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