Thursday, May 19, 2011

skintimate skin therapy

I'm pretty sure I've said this already, but the shower in our new home does not allow for an easy shaving experience.

There's no place to prop your leg in order to get the ideal shaving angle.

The other night, I had to balance myself on my one leg, then lift my other leg up and use my tiptoes to brace against the wall.

Can you picture that?

Very precarious, but I was finally able to shave my legs properly and evenly.

Oh well.

Being that I have to do some crazy yoga poses to even rid myself of the hairs on my calves, it's even harder to get soap to stay on so I can then use my razor.

Enter the product above.

Skintimate Skin Therapy in Baby Soft is a new addition to my shower routine and I'm actually loving it.

It comes out like a thick, thick, creamy gel, which then turns into a thick, thick, thick, creamy-foamy shaving cream, that stays put.

So once it's on, I'm able to shave my legs with nary a nick.

The best part?

When I'm finished, the Vitamin E and baby oil part of the formula goes to work making my skin feel even softer and smoother.

Hydrated skin + nick free and smooth legs = a happier me.

It just does.

To find out more info on this and other Skintimate products, head on over to

disclosure: a pr sample was provided


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