Monday, July 18, 2011

john frieda precision foam colour

I'm probably the worst at-home hair color-er that's ever existed.

I get it everywhere...myself included.

While my hair ends up looking great after I'm done, I have to go over every blessed surface with a Magic Eraser to remove the dye.

Not fun.

This stuff made all of the above a thing of the past.

John Frieda's new Precision Foam Colour is super easy to use and stays where you put it till you wash it out.

I'm serious here.

I followed the instructions to a T and was amazed at the coverage of (ahem) my grays and the fact that I didn't splatter it all over the place.

As per the usual.

All that I was left with was beautifully colored hair that felt soft and looked incredibly shiny.


To find out more info and to select your shade, click here.

disclosure: a sample was provided

1 Comment:

Sarah said...

Omg! I HAVE to try this! I get colour everywhere! How have you found the staying power so far?

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