Thursday, December 1, 2011

clinique lid smoothie antioxidant 8-hour eye color


how have you been?

it's been ages hasn't it??


i'll spare you the excuses and the drama and the hoopla and just get to the good stuff...the review.

those of you who really really know me, are aware that my adoration for clinique goes far and wide.

i love how they just get it right every single time and don't charge you an arm and a leg for a product.

they just don't.

a new fave of mine is their lid smoothie antioxidant 8-hour eye color.

it's cream based and comes in a nifty little tube that has this neat little cooling applicator thingy that feels oh-so-good on your lids.

the best part is you don't need to use a brush to apply if you don't want to.

all i do is squeeze a little on the middle of my eyelid, spread it a bit with the applicator, and then finish up with my finger.

that's it.


once i apply it, it's pretty much there for the rest of the day.

essential when you have a 2 year old hanging off of you at any given moment.

do you honestly think she'd let me take a break to re-apply?

yeah...not gonna happen.

there are 12 colors to choose from, but my favorite is bit-o-honey...a sweet little neutral that just puts the finishing touch on my look.

you can find these at your local clinique counter, or online at

disclosure: i received a sample from clinique for review.


deal blog said...

Wonderful review. I'm also obsessed about clinique products from foundation, blushers, powder, mascara, etc.

Muslimfashiondesigner said...

Nice information. I personally use clinique products,are very gentle for skin particular.Foundation is very useful product for every one for any type of skin.

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