Wednesday, March 7, 2012

clinique repairwear uplifting firming cream

my love/obsession with clinique knows no bounds.

just as i was thinking about trying a new that would be a little more aggressive at fighting back the hands of time (*ahem*)...this popped up on my front porch.

it was as if someone from clinique pr had a major esp moment and was all like jenn needs this ish asap!!

god i love them.

to say that this cream is awesome on all levels isn't saying enough.

first off, it's not as expensive as you'd's right at $58.

it also does a heck of a lot for those dollars people.

now, don't worry your pretty little head honey.

i'm not going to go on and on and bore you to death with all the technical talk...mainly because i never understand of word of that stuff anyway.

what i am going to tell you is, since receiving this cream a little while ago, i have nothing but happy thoughts of unicorns and rainbows.

and my skin looks pretty amazing too.


i've noticed that those little lines that start creeping up once you hit the big 4-0 aren't looking so line-y and that just works for me, thank you very much.

it doesn't contain any spf, but that didn't disturb me one bit from applying it during the day and night.

i just add some spf on top for the daytime, but that's just me.

you go ahead and do whatever you see fit.

i don't judge.

well...not all the time.

moving on...

i cannot stress enough that this creamy goodness is ma-jor and has now been added to my must have list.

you know, the one that exists purely in my mind because i'm too lazy to actually write it down?

yup...that one.

get yours at or your local clinique counter.

disclosure: i clearly received a sample from clinique for review, but would not hesitate to purchase this again because it is now my fave. 


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