Thursday, September 13, 2012

clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector

"time marches on and sooner or later you realize it's marching across your face"
                                                                                           -dolly parton (steel magnolias)

lately, my children have started taking up residence in my bed...very, very early in the am.

at any given moment i will be woken up by one, or both of my kids as they crawl into bed with me.

now before you say "awwwww...that's just so darn cute jenn!!", understand that they are also horrible sleepers.


i'm talking tossing, turning, hitting, kicking, etc.

nothing says GOOD MORNING than a swift kick to the face by a random little foot.


what always confuses me is how someone so small can take up 3/4 of our king sized bed, so i am left with a teeny-tiny sliver that leaves one of my legs dangling off the edge.

how is that even possible??

due to the fact that i get a lot less sleep, i have become a devote of anything eye care related.

so, when the above was sent to me to test out, i grabbed it and claimed it mine...laughing maniacally.

ok, maybe not that crazy, but i was pretty darn excited.

i use it in the morning, over my eye cream, and then if needed later on in the day.

you only need a little fyi.

it has this cooling applicator tip, so all you have to do is squeeze and apply.

i do a little patting in just to make sure it's "in there", but that's it.

the sheer optics in the tinted formula can work with fair to dark skin...which is perfect so you don't have to try and figure out what color you need.

it's also said to visibly lighten dark circles by 30% in just 12 weeks.

i haven't been using it for that long, but i have noticed that it's made any darkness i might have look less obvious, without having to use concealer.

love that.

find yours at, or your local clinique counter for $39.50

disclosure: i clearly received a sample from clinique for review, but would not hesitate to purchase this again because it's pretty darn fabulous.. 

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Zaggora Girl said...

Hey Jennifer, awesome blog, this cream looks amazing! Do you know any other eye creams that have the same effect but are slightly cheaper? :)

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