Thursday, September 20, 2012

things that make me blush...bobbi brown pot rouge for lips and cheeks

one morning, this past summer, the kids and i were hanging out making pancakes and dancing to some music.

just a fun weekday morning for us.

at some point, the doorbell rings and little r headed to the front door to see who it was.

he comes back in and said that i had a package on the porch.

i headed to the front door and opened it...figuring i'd grab the box quickly and come back in.

we're talking about the distance of one single step away from the door.

i step out the door and balance on one leg while holding the screen door open with my other foot.

all the while hearing my kids behind me, wondering aloud what could be in the box.

as i am reaching down to grab the box, i hear a distinctly MALE voice say "ma'am?" might know where this is going.

did i mention that it was morning and i was wearing only a t-shirt and my undies??



i was.

of course the male voice belonged to the ups guy.

who i thought was long gone.

he had tried to drop off a package at the house a couple doors down and had no luck.

so he came over to ask if i would sign for it.'s really hard to try and stretch your t-shirt over your exposed bottom while holding a package and propping a screen door open at the same time.

really, really hard.

and, in case you're wondering, it IS possible to feel yourself turn every shade of red imaginable.

every. shade.

soooooooo....that's how i get a little color in my cheeks!!!

seriously though...for those times when there is no spare ups guy to happen upon me while my tushie is exposed, or in case you're in the mood to have a little color in your cheeks, there's this blush.

well, actually two of these blushes used in combination with one another.

my favorite duo is bobbi brown's pot rouge in powder pink applied with a light hand on the cheek bone and a pop of the pot rouge in pale pink on the apples.

gorgeous and just that sweet natural color that flatters and makes you look all glowy.

they're $25 each, but last forever and can also be applied to your lips too.

find yours at or at your local bobbi brown counter.

disclosure: i bought these myself at my local nordstrom.


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